Sunday, August 23, 2009

*Welcome to Labor and Delivery*

Once I picked John Morgan up from his office we immediately headed to Rush hopsital for the "tests" that I needed to have done. After getting lost in the hospital for a bit we finally arrived on the Labor and Delivery floor. I had been in there before, when my friend Tiffani had her baby, but I had never really paid attention to everything around me. We went up to the front desk and handed the nurse all of my paperwork that my doctor had given me. She must have been expecting me because then she said, "Oh, come on honey... follow me." We waited for her to come from behind the counter and she started heading towards a delivery room. I looked at John Morgan and both of our eyes got really wide and we honestly started laughing. I couldn't believe that I was going into a real DELIVERY room! I looked at John Morgan and said, "they are admitting me into the hospital!" The nurse took us into the room, and while we were still in shock, she told me to go ahead and change into the hospital gown. Yes, I do mean the gown that I will put on when I am actually having my baby! John Morgan and I were still a little confused about what was going on, but we went along with everything that she told us to do. She told me to go ahead and get into the hopsital bed and she proceeded to hook me up to all of the heart rate monitors and blood pressure cuffs (the whole nine yards)! I literally looked like I was fixing to give birth!

The nurse then started telling us what all they were going to be doing that day. She told me that a person from the lab would be coming at some point to take some blood from me and that they would test my blood to see if I had preeclampsia. She also told me that they were going to test my urine sample for protein (which is a definite sign of preeclampsia). She said that they were going to monitor my blood pressure at ten minute intervals to gather data about it. I was a little confused at this point because I had no idea that I would literally be a patient for the next few hours!
After a little over two hours of being in the hospital, the nurse came back and told me that urine sample came back negative for protein and my blood samples were great; therefore, I did not have preeclampsia! I was totally relieved, but she did say that it doesn't mean that I will not develop it later on. She contacted Dr. Nelson and she said that even though my results were good, she still wanted me to remain on bedrest for the weekend until I came back to see her on Monday.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

*4D Ultrasound Take Two/Doctor's Appointment*

On August 12 John Morgan and I went back to the doctor's office to re-try our 4D ultrasound. If you can remember, the day before he was not in a very good position and the nurse called to see if the other ultrasound technician would come in early the next day to re-try ours. She agreed! We immediately went into the ultrasound room to try for round two! It didn't take her long to realize that he still wasn't cooperating very well. He had moved his position a little bit, but his head was still turned to the side so you couldn't get very good pictures! We still saw the most precious little profile and loved every minute of it, but according to the nurse it wasn't worth the money for the 4D. She kept trying for a while and started looking at his other areas. She all of a sudden said, "He has the chubbiest cheeks! I can barely see his lips and nose because his chubby cheek is in the way!" She didn't have to point it out to me and John Morgan because we instantly saw the chubbiest cheek on the screen! He looked like he was saving up food for the winter! It was precious! Oh my, words can't describe how cute he is! The nurse said that is a good sign to her because that means that he is already storing up his own fat and putting on his own weight! She also told us that it looks to her like he is going to have a head full of hair! I didn't necessarily think that you could detect hair on an ultrasound, but she explained her reasoning behind thinking that, which makes total sense! John Morgan and I were so excited to hear all of these wonderful things about our sweet little boy! She continued to tell us that he has a rather large foot and that his fingers look to be really long! She told us, even though we didn't get good pictures, that he is doing perfectly fine! His heart rate was 143 and he is still in a great position! We are going to try again for a 4D ultrasound so we'll see how it goes next time! We were pleased to get to see what we saw! He is the most precious little boy already! :)

After the ultrasound John Morgan left to go back to work. Usually my meetings with Dr. Nelson are pretty standard, so I didn't mind at all that he went back to work. I typically have to wait a long time to meet with her, but this time was different. Right after the ultrasound they called me back into a room to meet with Dr. Nelson. I also had to re-do my glucose test. If you can remember, my levels were borderline the first time I took the test so she wanted me to re-do the test so I had to drink the NASTY drink again! Before meeting with Dr. Nelson the nurse pricked my finger again to test my glucose levels. While I waited on those results, I went to talk with Dr. Nelson. When she walked in the room the first thing that she said to me was "Well Anna, I can see that you are having a little bit of swelling." I told her about how much my feet and ankles swelled up when I went to visit my sister in Fairhope, but I wasn't aware that I was still that swollen. I thought that it mostly went down, but she said that he definitely noticed it in my legs. She showed me how to test for fluid and, of course, I was swollen! She also told me that she wanted to re-check my blood pressure herself because the nurse took it for the first time and it was in the 150's and re-did it a few minutes later and it was alright. Dr. Nelson continued to tell me about the condition preeclampsia, which is when you have elevated blood pressure and swelling among other symptoms. She told me that she did not think that I have it right now, but she thought that I was a good candidate for developing it since my blood pressure has been "on the fence" my whole pregnancy and now I was starting to swell. She told me that she would rather be safe than sorry and that she was going to be monitoring me closely from now on (which I definitely appreciate). She said that she wanted me to go straight to the Labor and Delivery unit at the hospital and have a few tests run so she could have a baseline of data on me and to see whether or not I already had preeclampsia so she could start treating it. Of course I was a little freaked out because she was telling me a lot of information all at once, but I knew that I was going to do whatever I had to do to make sure that me and the baby were alright! She also told me that she wanted me to see back the next Monday and that until then she wanted me to stay on bed rest. Dr. Nelson kept reassuring me that everything was going to be alright and that she was doing all of this right now to be cautious.

I never lost my cool while I was talking to Dr. Nelson because I didn't want anyone to think that I was scared (although I definitely was). It was a lot of information to process at one time and I was in there all by myself. To top it all off, the nurse came and told me that I didn't pass my glucose test, which meant that I was going to have to take the 3 hour glucose test at the hospital. I got all of my paperwork from the nurses and was instructed to go straight to the hospital for my tests. I never thought that I would have a pregnancy with "complications," but I am glad that Dr. Nelson is doing everything possible to make sure that me and Baby Mims are healthy!

I left Dr. Nelson's office and immediately called John Morgan. Of course when I got on the phone with him I definitely got emotional! I didn't quite understand everything that was going on, but I knew that I was going to do whatever I had to do! I told John Morgan that I had to go to the hospital to have some tests run. I thought that I would possibly have some blood drawn, but little did we know what was to come...

Until next time....

With love,

Anna and John Morgan :)

*The Nursery is Coming Along*

His beautiful crib with all of his bedding!
We found this mobile and it matches his bedding perfectly!

His changing table/hutch! We still have a lot that we need to do with this!

The most adorable canvases EVER! They match his room perfectly and are going to look precious hanging over his glider!

I have been spending the majority of my time off this summer working on creating the best and most comfortable nursery for Baby Mims! After we picked out his furniture and bedding, the rest of the stuff kind of seemed to fall into place! I am so excited about his room and can't wait for it to get finished! We still have a few more things to get and we need to hang his name on the wall (sorry guy, no such luck yet!) and a few other canvases, but we'll get there soon enough!
*More pictures will come soon!*
Until next time....
With love,
Anna and John Morgan

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

*4D Ultrasound Take One*

On August 11 John Morgan and I had our first real session for a 4D ultrasound. We got to Dr. Nelson's office and immediately went into the ultrasound room. The nurse started the session, but pretty soon noticed that he was not cooperating very well. She got a few pictures of the side of his face, but she said that he was obviously very comfortable in the position that he was in and that he was not interested in moving. We did get to see his profile, which is mighty handsome, but we didn't get real good pictures! The nurse said that he looked great and that he was in a good position! She also said that we should reschedule and try it again because she wanted us to get really good pictures and video because we were paying for it! We told her that we had our original doctor's appointment for the next day so she called the other technician and said that we could try again the next day. We were keeping our fingers crossed!

We'll try again!

*Baby Shower Goodies*

I think that we are going to have a problem! Mayzie thought that the bouncy seat was hers! I didn't have the heart to make her get out... she looked so comfortable!

When we got home from my fabulous baby shower I wanted to let John Morgan see everything that he got! What better way than to display everything like it was Christmas morning! He was totally floored by the amount of stuff!!

*My Baby Shower*

Me, Ashley, Jessica, and Taylor :)
The food was delicious! These cookies were so precious!

Oh my! I had the cutest and BEST cake EVER!

My beautiful hostesses! Thank yall so much!!
Nanny!Me and Ashley!

I was so happy that John Morgan's family came! Mary Lindley, Neely, Heather, and Maggie!

Baby Mims is already going to be SPOILED! He got some of the best stuff!

I wanted this frog so bad! Thank you so much Neely!!

His first big boy Polo from his Uncle Vaughn! :)

John Morgan got me the diaper bag that I wanted really bad! :)

My fabulous hostesses got me the bouncy seat that we wanted! :)

Hotty Toddy!

Probably the most hilarious gift! His pee pee teepees!! HAHA! :)

On August 8 some of my very dear and sweet friends planned a wonderful baby shower for me and Baby Mims!! It was so much fun to see everyone and to celebrate with family and friends! Baby Mims got some of the cutest things and I was so thankful for everyone that was able to come! I will never be able to describe to everyone how much the shower meant to me! It was definitely a very special and memorable day for me! I can't wait to meet our sweet little boy and to introduce him to all of our family and friends!
Until next time...

With love,

Anna and John Morgan

Saturday, August 15, 2009

*He is DEFINITELY a Mims!!*

He DEFINITELY looks just like his Daddy! He was trying to smile at his Mommy! :)
He loves his "boy parts!" Notice his fingers wrapped around his little tee tee! :)

Can you tell what this is? HA :)

On July 22, I had another doctor's appointment with Dr. Nelson. I knew going into the visit that I was scheduled to have an ultrasound (and Dr. Nelson told me that they would take a few "test shots" in 4D of his face) so I asked my Mama to come along. John Morgan was out of town for the day and I definitely didn't want to go by myself. I didn't have to wait long to get in for my ultrasound and my mom almost missed it! I got into the room and, like always, as soon as I see him on the screen my heart stops and a huge SMILE immediately flies across my face! The technician started her exam as usual and again stated what is always said, "He is going to be big!" She asked me again when my due date was and I told her October 15 and she looked at me like there was no way that I would make it that far! She told me that he was still measuring about two weeks ahead and that he was already in a good position with his head facing down. She continued with her exam and all of a sudden stopped in the middle and said, "Oh my, I do not think that I have seen a foot this big in a while!" I immediately started laughing and she said that his foot is already 2.5 inches long! My mom pulled out her tape measure that she always carries around with her and measured out 2.5 inches and we were floored! He is going to have a huge foot!

After we looked at his foot and got a good laugh out of that for a while, the nurse finally started trying to get a good picture of his face! When she finally got a picture and I saw it on the screen I nearly fell of the chair! He was absolutely the most adorable, precious, beautiful little boy that I have ever seen! You could actually see him moving his lips, like he was trying to smile, and flaring his nostrils! It was a priceless moment and to top it off, he looks exactly like John Morgan! EXACTLY! I didn't necessarily expect any less (their genes are VERY STRONG) and I couldn't be happier! He is beautiful! She also started looking around his "boy parts" area and started laughing again. She said "he will not let go of his boy parts!" I was laughing so hard because I knew that John Morgan would have been so proud! She got a fabulous picture of him actually holding his boy parts! It was wild! I asked her if she had any idea how big he was since I keep being told he is going to be big and she estimated him weighing 2 lbs. and 14 ounces already! He is going to be my big boy! I definitely recommend trying a 4D ultrasound! It is unreal what you can actually see! I knew that I needed to go ahead and make my real appointment because he was plenty big to get good pictures! Oh yeah, his heart rate was great as always.. it was 146 beats per minute!
After the ultrasound my mom had to leave. This happened to be the week of Mississippi's Junior Miss and she needed to get back to all of her Judge's Chairman requirements. I went back into the waiting room to wait to meet with Dr. Nelson. After a little bit, I got called back to see her. I immediately had to weigh in, like always, and I gained a few more pounds (I am continuing to tell myself that it is good weight gain). The nurse came in to take my blood pressure and it was fine (136/72). Dr. Nelson came in to talk with me and she said that everything was looking good. I asked her about my 4D ultrasound and she said that it would be a good idea to go ahead and schedule it for my next visit.

All in all the visit was great! I got to see GREAT pictures of my beautiful little baby who looks EXACTLY like a Mims and my meeting with Dr. Nelson went good! Thank you for all of your continued thoughts and prayers! We are getting closer and closer to meeting our sweet little boy!

Until next time....

With love,

Anna and John Morgan