Sunday, August 23, 2009

*Welcome to Labor and Delivery*

Once I picked John Morgan up from his office we immediately headed to Rush hopsital for the "tests" that I needed to have done. After getting lost in the hospital for a bit we finally arrived on the Labor and Delivery floor. I had been in there before, when my friend Tiffani had her baby, but I had never really paid attention to everything around me. We went up to the front desk and handed the nurse all of my paperwork that my doctor had given me. She must have been expecting me because then she said, "Oh, come on honey... follow me." We waited for her to come from behind the counter and she started heading towards a delivery room. I looked at John Morgan and both of our eyes got really wide and we honestly started laughing. I couldn't believe that I was going into a real DELIVERY room! I looked at John Morgan and said, "they are admitting me into the hospital!" The nurse took us into the room, and while we were still in shock, she told me to go ahead and change into the hospital gown. Yes, I do mean the gown that I will put on when I am actually having my baby! John Morgan and I were still a little confused about what was going on, but we went along with everything that she told us to do. She told me to go ahead and get into the hopsital bed and she proceeded to hook me up to all of the heart rate monitors and blood pressure cuffs (the whole nine yards)! I literally looked like I was fixing to give birth!

The nurse then started telling us what all they were going to be doing that day. She told me that a person from the lab would be coming at some point to take some blood from me and that they would test my blood to see if I had preeclampsia. She also told me that they were going to test my urine sample for protein (which is a definite sign of preeclampsia). She said that they were going to monitor my blood pressure at ten minute intervals to gather data about it. I was a little confused at this point because I had no idea that I would literally be a patient for the next few hours!
After a little over two hours of being in the hospital, the nurse came back and told me that urine sample came back negative for protein and my blood samples were great; therefore, I did not have preeclampsia! I was totally relieved, but she did say that it doesn't mean that I will not develop it later on. She contacted Dr. Nelson and she said that even though my results were good, she still wanted me to remain on bedrest for the weekend until I came back to see her on Monday.

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